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Stirling Lightweight Riser Recliner Armchair

If you are looking for a lightweight yet practical armchair, our Stirling riser recliner could be the ideal choice for you. Packed full of innovative features and benefiting from a simple yet stylish design, it is easy to see why this chair is such a popular choice. Combining high levels of comfort with ease of use, it has all the benefits of a standard riser recliner but with a compact design that will complement any interior design scheme.

Long lasting comfort and support

Designed with your comfort in mind, the Stirling lightweight riser recliner can help to make everyday living that little bit easier and more pleasurable. Featuring a soft yet supportive backrest, the chair provides excellent lumbar support to encourage you to sit in a healthy position. Not only can this ensure you maintain a good posture while seated, but it can also help to relieve strain on your body. The seat also offers a cushioned headrest and curved armrests for added support.

With an easy to use reclining function, the footrest and backrest can be adjusted to a number of different positions to suit different activities. Whether you’re reading, watching TV or sleeping, the chair will ensure a high level of comfort no matter what position you are in. You also benefit from having a handy side pocket to keep all your essential items close at hand.

Added design features

The Stirling armchair also includes a number of standout features to make your seating experience even more enjoyable. For example, you can benefit from a stress and pain relieving massage thanks to our fantastic built-in NHC Cyclo-Therapy technology. Medically proven, our unique vibrating massage system rotates out from the centre and can help to reduce the painful symptoms of a number of mild and severe health conditions, including arthritis, backache, swollen ankles, sciatica, anxiety and many more. You can also choose from a number of settings to find an intensity that suits you.

The Stirling chair also has your mobility needs in mind and boasts a built-in Auto Lift feature, which effortlessly raises you to your feet from a sitting position and vice versa. Within moments, you can move from a comfortable seating position to a standing posture, helping to give you greater freedom of movement. This feature is especially beneficial for people with mobility restricting disabilities or debilitating health conditions, as it can facilitate continued independence at home.  

A choice of styles

We know that as well as practical considerations, our customers want their new chair to suit their tastes and home décor. The Stirling reclining armchair has a wide range of attractive and durable coverings for you to choose from, so you should be able to find something to reflect your sense of style. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary designs, leather or fabric upholstery, you can create a product that suits your exact needs.

Quality you can rely on

When you purchase a riser recliner from us, you can rest assured that you will be getting the very highest quality. We only use the finest materials and all of our components are made in the UK and tested rigorously in our factory in North Wales to ensure long lasting reliability and performance. Despite its lightweight design, the Stirling chair is made with an incredibly sturdy frame, ensuring safety and stability at all times. And remember, all of our reclining chairs come with a two year guarantee included in the price.

Want to find out more?

For further size and weight information on this riser recliner armchair, take a look at our useful chair buying guide. You can also request a free brochure for more detailed product information by filling out our brief form. To test the quality of the seat for yourself, we can arrange for you to receive a free home demonstration with one of our expert consultants.

If you have any further questions about our Stirling chair, please don’t hesitate to call us for free on 0808 278 0668. Our friendly and professional team of experts will be happy to provide you with more details and help you make the right choice. We are dedicated to providing an outstanding level of customer service and endeavour to find you a riser recliner that suits your unique requirements.

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