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Blenheim Riser Recliner Chair

Our beautiful Blenheim leather riser recliner chair is built with your comfort and mobility needs in mind. Suitable for people of all ages and levels of health, this versatile armchair features a smooth reclining function that helps to make everyday living that little bit easier. As well as being highly practical, the Blenheim chair doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. Featuring sumptuous leather upholstery and a sleek design, it exudes contemporary style and will complement almost any interior décor scheme.

Offering a high level of comfort

Providing cushioned support, a sturdy frame and a soft leather covering, the Blenheim riser recliner promotes high levels of comfort and relaxation. With a padded, supportive backrest and seat, it helps you to maintain a healthy posture and stave off the aches and pains associated with being seated. If you like to spend long periods of time sitting or sleeping in your chair, the reclining system allows you to lie back and elevate your feet for a truly relaxing experience. Unlike many other riser recliners, the Blenheim chair enables you to spread your weight evenly to alleviate pressure and stress placed on the body, meaning you can stay seated for longer without feeling sore or stiff. The seat can also be easily adjusted to achieve your desired position and suit a range of activities. Whether you’re sitting up reading or watching TV, or you’re trying to catch up on your snooze time, the chair will offer you unsurpassed comfort and support no matter what.

Packed full of innovative features

Included within the Blenheim chair is our unique, built-in NHC Cyclo-Therapy massage system. Boasting three electric massage motors controlled from an easy to use wand, it employs a pulsating technique that rotates out from the centre in a whirlpool movement. As well as helping to soothe stress, aches, pains and cramps, our exclusive NHC Cyclo-Therapy technology has been medically proven to offer relief from a number of mild and severe health conditions, such as arthritis, back ache, sciatica, swollen ankles, night cramps and many other medical complaints. You can also choose between a number of settings, depending on whether you want a gentle, therapeutic massage or something more invigorating to increase your pain threshold.

Ease of use is another key feature of this chair. Our innovative Auto Lift function can gently elevate you from a sitting down position to a standing posture, and vice versa, with the simple touch of a button. This can be especially useful for those who suffer from mobility problems or find it difficult to get in and out of their chair unaided. Not only can it reduce the strain placed on your body, but it also gives you greater freedom of movement and helps you to maintain your independence at home.

Meanwhile, our unique Wallhugger® feature ensures that the Blenheim chair can be positioned within a few inches of the closest wall and it helps to keep your side tables close at hand to ensure that everything you need is readily accessible. This technology means that the back of the chair moves away from the wall rather than into it, helping to save valuable space.

There is no need to worry about the chair looking too bulky or spoiling your interior design scheme either. All of the mechanisms are discreetly concealed, making it virtually indistinguishable from a standard armchair. Thanks to expert British craftsmanship, the reclining systems are also extremely smooth, quiet and efficient to ensure minimal disturbance.

The Blenheim chair also comes with an emergency backup battery for added peace of mind. This means you will still be able to operate the mechanisms if there is an unexpected power cut in your home.

Guaranteed quality

We are so confident that you will love our elegant Blenheim leather recliner chair that it comes with a two-year guarantee included in the price. Made from the finest materials, you can rest assured that you are getting the very best quality when you purchase this seat. For added reassurance, all of our products are rigorously tested on regular basis to ensure that they meet our strict quality standards and offer a lifetime of reliability.

We’re here to help

The Blenheim chair is available in a number of colours and styles, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a version that suits your existing décor and sense of style. For further size and weight information, take a look at our chair guide. Alternatively, you can request a free brochure by filling out our brief form to find out more details about this product.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Adjustamatic experts on 0808 115 3450. Our friendly and helpful team members will be happy to provide you with further details and answer any queries you may have.




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