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Content Title: Can science help you design the perfect sleeping space?

February 1, 2017

When you’re putting the finishing touches to your bedroom, you might pay attention to the latest trends to ensure it’s spot on in terms of style. But have you thought about consulting science when creating this room? If the answer to this question is no, you may be missing a trick. By referring to research […]

How Lack of Sleep Can Affect your Eating Habits

December 23, 2016

It’s no secret that getting enough sleep is important for a number of reasons. Getting your daily dosage of down time helps you stay feeling energised throughout the day, and it gives your body time to rest and repair itself. Snoozing is even good for your mental health, helping to relieve stress. Letting your sleep […]

Sleep Posture To Support Your Spine

December 16, 2016

We’re all about making sure you get the ultimate night’s sleep once you get into bed. We’ve told you what your children’s dreams mean and now it’s time to teach you the perfect posture whilst you’re laying down. From how many pillows you use to prop yourself up to the way you place your legs, […]

Sleep Cycles Explained

December 16, 2016

The time between when you nod off at night and when your alarm clock rings in the morning can feel a bit mysterious. When you wake up, you may be able to recall a bizarre dream but you might not remember a phone call you had in the middle of the night. You may feel […]

The Truth Behind Beauty Sleep

November 29, 2016

It’s likely you’ve joked about getting your much needed ‘beauty sleep’ at some point, suggesting that the amount of time you spend snoozing can have an effect on your attractiveness. Although this is a saying you may use in jest, it does in fact hold some truth. Aside from leaving you feeling tired and sluggish, […]



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