Aveon Memory Foam Mattresses

Our British research and development team have made extraordinary advances in mattress design and technology in the last few years.

The remarkable new Aveon memory foam mattress delivers total relaxation and state of the art ‘Space Age’ pocket sprung technology that helps relieve aches, pains and cramps at an affordable price.

Aveon Mattress Benefits


The Aveon mattress is packed with the latest inovations to support your height, easing uncomfortable pressure off joints and muscles. The Visco Elastic memory foam top layer moulds around your body offering maximum comfort while the pocket sprung core accepts body weight without applying pressure.

The combination of unique NHC Cyclo-Therapy technology that is built into our orthopaedic bed range and the Aveon memory foam mattress makes an unbeatable partnership in offering a relaxing and pain relieving nights sleep!

Aveon Mattress Features

  • Reflexion® Visco Elastic Memory Foam – High quality foam that was originally developed for the U.S. space programme that moulds to the shape of your body.
  • Unique energy-absorbent capability that spreads weight evenly.
  • Heat Sensitive – Memory foam that is softened by your body heat which gently relaxes your muscles and joints.
  • Flexilator – A special insulating layer between the pocket springs and the supporting foam designed to keep heat in.
  • Special high-density material selected for its resilience and comfort that provides optimum support to the layer of Visco Elastic Memory Foam.
  • A high-density foam border that encloses the pocket springs for firm support around the mattress.
  • Compact Pocket Springs in a barrel shaped profile for maximum support that accepts pressure without creating upward force.
  • Highly durable pocket springs which ensures maximum durability and comfort.
  • High spring density enhances the body-moulding process of the memory foam which further reduces pressure points, while cushioning vulnerable muscles and joints.
  • The Visco Elastic layer helps the mattress to breathe as well as adding another layer of comfort.


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